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What if…

You were able to uncover your true gift, find the lessons in all the pain that you have had to experience, and then learn how to turn it into a six-figure business. Living every day on your own terms, free to spend your time how you desire.

But you’re asking yourself How?

You haven’t identified what you’re naturally good at. Constantly asking yourself WHY? Why you had to endure some of the challenges that you have faced. Not sure of how to make any significant change in life.That was me before I created my own personal development business in 2017 designed specifically to help women navigate life and TODAY I know exactly how big of an impact it can make when you get serious about change and the ability to set yourself FINANCIALLY free by doing what you love.

So what’s been holding you back?

You have tried to FIX it before, you have prayed, meditated, hired a therapist, read the books, attempted a business all in the hopes to change your circumstances, but still no significant change. I’ve been there before, but once I realized one thing my whole life shifted. Living the life you desire has nothing to do with what you have, how much money is in your bank account, or even what you already know…being successful at this thing called life has everything to do with Alignment.

You have to get into proper positioning, an order, and then divine connections & opportunities will find their way directly to you…it’s that simple.

This is how I was able to go from Stuck to Unstoppable and now a multiple business owner generating over five figures monthly and making a global impact.

Let's Work Together

I’m Simone.

The founder of Overcoming Her™ a personal development brand that helps women navigate and overcome some of their toughest challenges. I am also the creator of Jumpstart Your Vision a 6-week Accelerator designed to help you identify, launch, or develop a brand and business. This intense 6 week program is everything you need to know to launch a new idea. Upon completion you will have a fully operational income-generating business. 

I believe that living a life that keeps you fulfilled can only happen when you identify your purpose. For many years of my life, I was lost. By the age of 23 I had started several businesses. Experienced some success and some failure including entering into relationships that were unhealthy.  I survived domestic abuse & my own limiting beliefs because of insecurities. I was able to break free and Overcoming Her™ is my way to share all that life has taught me in an attempt to help someone else. I quickly found out that most of the women that I mentored also had dreams and desires to walk in their purpose but didn’t know how, so I made it my mission to help as many people as I can break free from the imaginary chains that hold you back.


I have been an entrepreneur for over 13 years & have an MBA in International Business.


Coached and Mentored over 100 Women & have successfully helped never before business owners launch and scale their brands.


Self Published my first book Refusing to Quit “Key Principles to Overcome Life’s Challenges”


I am a Public Speaker and have spoken all over the United States and one of my next big goals is to speak Internationally.

Being a woman with a big dream and even bigger obstacles I knew it was important that I educate myself, invest in myself, and never allow fear to hold me back. I refused to give up on myself and I know if I can do this so can you. The thing that gives you the ability to change any circumstance is your Experiences. I am here to help you understand, uncover, & identify how it all works together for your greatest good and then share it with the world.

And I want you in my Masterclass.

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is to inspire you while I enlighten you, by teaching women of faith how to take their own life experiences and God given gifts to grow wealth.

What are women saying…

Wonderful! Simone covers a wide range of topics that most women can identify with and she goes in-depth to really delve into the issues we face. Simone provides an invaluable resource of information and she’s always willing to share and help in whatever way she can. You can tell that she is truly invested in each woman’s growth and that speaks volumes!

Support Specialist

My experience was great. I learned a lot about myself and was able to encourage others. It was great to know that I’m on the right track in my healing process. Our conversations definitely what I needed. I’ve been hard on myself recently in trying to achieve my goals and I was having a hard time because I wasn’t going to accomplish all of my goals by my deadline. She let me know that I was on the right track and not to give up on accomplishing them.

Marketing Director