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Refusing to Quit


Are you ready to Transform your Life & Business…

Refusing to Quit is my personal Life Story that will Provide you the 10 Principles that I used to Turn my own Life Experiences into a Thriving Business and how I managed to make an Impact on the world while making tons of Income.

The 10 Key Principles

  • #1- Acknowledge the Pain
  • #2- Invest in YourSelf & Your Healing
  • #3 – Understanding Your Value
  • #4 – Focus on the Positive
  • #5 – Identify your Gifts
  • #6 – Have a Plan of Action
  • #7 – The Difference Between Success & Failure is Consistency
  • #8 – Be Prepared
  • #9 – Define your Own Success
  • #10 – Understand Yourself

Each on of these Principles play a major role in your Mindset, which I believe is the first step to Success!





If you have ever wondered or asked the question WHY you? Why life seems so difficult and obstacles keep finding their way directly to you?Maybe it’s a loss of a loved one, disappointment from your childhood, insecurites, guilt or heartbreak. Often feeling like you keep taking the same test in life and failing.You know there is more that you desire, but you just can’t seem to Overcome.

Well that is all about to change. You’re about to experiance a shift and go from being Overwhelmed to Overcoming. Taking all the experiences life has provided you and using them to become unstoppable. Simone Adrianne will show you how. Simone knows all to well about life’s hardship.

She became a single mother at 16 when her son’s father passed away in a fatal car accident, thought she had found the happily ever after at 19, got engaged only to end up in a domestic violent relationship that she had to walk away from to save her life and her son’s life, only to find her self months later in the middle of a legal battle were she was fighting for her freedom. Through it all Simonè refused to quit on her self and the life that she envisioned.

Now as the Founder of Overcoming Her, she is a Speaker, Life Coach, & Mentor to women all over the world, Simone writes candidly about her past, what she had to learn, and how she got out of her own way. She wants to help you * deal with your past * understand your value * execute in the areas of life that you want to change, and * arrive at place of self-actualization & wholeness Let Simone’s personal stories and insight empower you to leave behind your old way of thinking and truly step into all that is waiting for you!